Thursday, December 3, 2015


 I just wanted to show you some of my gift i have been getting off of amazon. when they come in the mail i will add more pictures of me with the gift... 

Lantz: is he  new to niteflirt. and just like the others he was spending his money on gift cards. he sent 60.00 not bad for a new comer :) 

BigLoser: well he wanted to be outed. but his little ass got scared and in time he will come around and i will out him on my blog with his sissy cock in his panties.

Ran: Will like a good little sissy. Ran sent his $25.00  for his booking for a cam show next week so i can take pics and videos of him being a good little bitch that he is. your list is coming along great and i will have it sent to him on friday that way he has all weekend to get everything he needs! Plus he give me the right to use his photo with his face in it and i will be sharing with all of you.

Mr.OinkOink: I took another 40.00 from him as i was on the phone other calling. i just love raping his wallet and i will keep going it... i know he loves oinking like the little piggy he is.. he know i am a princess and i love his hard earn money.


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